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Marriage/Couple Therapy

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."
                                                                                                                  Sam Keen

New couple relationships often work well for a time and then couples find themselves stuck, unable to move forward toward a longer term commitment and at the same time unwilling or unable to uncouple and move on because they truly do want to be in the relationship. In couples therapy I can help you and your partner to identify underlying issues and patterns that keep you stuck in this unsatisfying and painful space. Frequently, the issues can be resolved and your relationship can progress in a positive and healthy way so that you can find the intimacy and love that you both seek.


Married couples, or those in long term committed partnerships, often find themselves in the same conflict over and over, or feel as if they are living parallel lives without the intimacy that they seek. I work with couples to help them identify their negative cycles of interaction and change these patterns so that they can find the connection, intimacy and harmony that they truly desire. I will help you to identify your individual and shared values so that you can understand and support each other more completely. Together we will identify how you can be more available to each other, responsive to each other and engage more with each other. If you are both committed to working on having a stronger partnership, you can reach that goal, even if an affair has devastated the trust in your relationship.

If infidelity has devastated your marriage or relationship there is hope. Relationships can recover from affairs if both partners are willing to enter the therapeutic process and begin the path toward repairing and healing the relationship.

Using approaches from Emotionally Focused Therapy and other evidence based couples work, I will support your efforts to transform your relationship. Emotionally Focused Therapy facilitates access to the emotions and interactions that underlie the anger that couples often experience as painful, repetitive conflicts. This approach is usually effective to restore trust and intimacy to even highly distressed marriages or partnerships.


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